Med-Tox Northwest Training Services

Technical training in environmental health and safety has gained increased importance in recent years. Worker safety, public health, and environmental liability concerns have raised our awareness.A variety of federal, state, and local regulations govern the field of hazardous materials and safety management. These laws contain specific requirements for the training of health and environmental professionals, as well as workers who may be exposed to hazardous materials.Med-Tox Northwest offers quality-training programs in the areas of industrial hygiene, asbestos, lead-based materials and hazardous materials, and waste management. Our instructors have designed clear, concise courses, to successfully train consultants, technicians, administrative, and construction staff to perform more safely in the workplace.To enable you to meet all Federal and State requirements, our courses strictly adhere to regulations of both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).Med-Tox Northwest instruction allows participants to engage in relevant activities and practice what they have learned. Our philosophy is that learning comes more from doing—not just from listening. Med-Tox Northwest workshops offer structured activities (simulations, problem-solving, field work) as well as lectures, demonstrations, and group discussion. They are designed to protect your staff against the safety hazards associated with their job, and protect your company against liability and litigation.

Custom Training Solutions

At Med-Tox Northwest, we know one size does not fit all, so we offer custom training solutions focusing on the elements you most need. Our trainers are specially trained to work with you to identify your specific training needs. We use this needs-assessment data to tailor course content, emphasizing those points most relevant to your setting.On-Site Services
Med-Tox Northwest stands ready to bring any of our training services on site to your facility. With prepared materials and travel-ready equipment, we can meet the training needs of our clients at their facilities. Bringing training on site means you save the time and expense of staff travel, and training is done in the setting in which it will be used.Billing Management
Med-Tox Northwest will provide billing management services for corporate clients. Corporate clients can establish an account for ongoing training services. Attractive discount rates are available for volume users. Corporate clients can merge billing data with training records, providing detailed billing and accounting data. Take the hassle out of paying for technical training; establish an account today.Records Management
Med-Tox Northwest maintains training records on all clients we serve. Attendance records indicate date of completion, test scores (if applicable), next refresher (if applicable), and trainer. A comprehensive database tracks each participant and can furnish reports in a variety of formats to meet your needs. Individuals can request a transcript of all training they attended. Corporate clients can receive a summary of all their training activities with Med-Tox Northwest for a specified period or for the length of their contract. We are also able to provide real time billing data and reports via our Deltek AJERA accounting software.

Available Courses
Lead awareness training
4-Hour Asbestos Awareness, Class IV
16 Hour Asbestos O & M, Class III 
24-Hour Hazardous Waste Training
40-Hour Hazardous Waste Training
Confined Space Entry in General and Permit-Required Settings