Med-Tox Northwest has experience dealing with mold and fungus issues in facilities that range from industrial settings where fungi can impact manufacturing processes, to home and work environments where human health may be an issue.

There currently is extensive interest in understanding the health implications of fungi in indoor environments. You may have some questions about mold and fungus and, at Med-Tox Northwest, we are here to help educate you

Even though fungi are components of indoor air quality (IAQ), many other factors may contribute to indoor air quality problems. Non-biological contaminants include asbestos, radon, tobacco smoke, pesticides, lead, and carbon monoxide. Biological contaminants include viruses, bacteria such as the aerobic actinomycetes, mites and their fecal material, insects such as moths and cockroaches, dander from people and pets, algae, and pollen may also cause problems. Indoor-related health issues might result from more than one of these potential etiologic agents having a simultaneous effect on the occupants.

Med-Tox Northwest Mold Services

  • Mold surveys / detection
  • Remediation Plans / Drawings
  • Laboratory Analysis