Occupational health is a critical part of a productive, safe workplace. Chemical exposure, noise, vapors, hazardous materials, and biological contaminants can result in serious health problems. Our qualified staff of Certified Industrial Hygienists and safety professionals have a long record of success in finding and alleviating health and safety hazards in the workplace and can detect hazards, evaluate risks involved, and formulate measures to correct problems

We then can determine the degree of potential chemical and physical stresses in the work environment and, if a problem exists, our technical team can develop a planned program for implementation, and continue to maintain it with structured surveillance.

Some typical occupational health and safety concerns facing management today are:

  • Development and use of new substances of unknown toxicity
  • Origins of indoor air pollutants aggravated by energy efficient buildings
  • Employee exposure to hazardous materials
  • Growing costs of workmen’s compensation premiums, litigation and disability claims.

Med-Tox Northwest offers a way to evaluate and control these complexities in order to help reduce the liability.

Med-Tox Northwest Industrial Hygiene Services

  • Ergonomics
  • Health & Safety Programs
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Mold Consultation
  • OSHA Compliance Inspections
  • Program Audits 
  • Ventilation System Analysis
  • Water Sampling