Our firm provides a wide range of environmental services to commercial, industrial, governmental, legal, and insurance-industry clients. 

During land transfers and property transactions, businesses are often faced with ecological challenges such as leaking underground storage tanks, groundwater contamination, hazardous material spills, tainted soils, and heavy metal exposure.

Through assessments, property screening, and site investigations, we can determine the problems and challenges facing a client. Remedial action, management, and other planning strategies are then suggested to assist the business in controlling and creating countermeasures to rectify the challenges at hand.

In addition, liabilities can be created through more innocuous means, such as the purchase and development of contaminated real property. At Med-Tox Northwest we specialize in recognizing and proactively dealing with environmental issues that can pose risks to our clients.

Often, solutions may be as simple as ensuring that a facility is in compliance with existing permits. However, sometimes the solutions are complex and may even require that our clients’ actions exceed existing laws to ensure that they do not incur more risk than they are willing to take on as a corporation

Our staff is thoroughly familiar with state and federal regulations for managing hazardous materials. We have the proven skills to design and execute site surveys and sample structures/contents, ambient air, soils, surfaces, and groundwater for the presence of hazardous materials.

Med-Tox Northwest Environmental Services

  • Assess environmental auditing/compliance 
  • Assess/characterize sites for potential environmental hazards
  • Develop emergency/ contingency plans
  • Permit procurement (hazardous waste and discharge, etc.)
  • Regulation Compliance (OSHA, DOT, etc.)
  • Underground storage tank Investigation and management